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Mangroves and Sandbar

If you’re more in love with the sea, here’s something you should see when you go to Candijay!

The Candijay mangrove forest is one of the most diverse in the country and boats up to 36 aquatics species. The forest is 1,472 hectares wide and it runs from the barangay Panadtaran to the Cogtong Bay.

But if you simply want to enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water or play catch or even drown you with the sumptuous taste “kilaw-kilaw” in the white sand beach, have it in Kawasihan sanbar!

According to the LGU of Candijay, they are now planning to establish a floating restaurant that will run from the Lungsudaan River to the mouth of Cogtong Bay.

While promoting the beauty Of Candijay , Mr. Fred Janiola , the Candijay Tourism Officer also said, that the local government of Candijay is also Doing their role in the protection of its ecological sites.

Unveiling its natural beauty of Candijay is indeed developing its eco-tourist destination. As what my Candijaynon Classmate said,

its time for our town to be known as a beautiful destination and in return, may its beauty also inspire its people.

Photo Credits: Rholax Amora and Judd Joshua Gesite