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LGU Candijay Family Day On Trash Race

In a race to fully implement a functional ecological solid waste management (ESWM) within the municipality, Mayor Christopher B. Tutor collaborated with the VSO Bahaginan International Citizens Service Youth volunteers who are assigned at the Carood Watershed in a Community Action Activity conducted during the LGU Family Day last September 27, 2014 at East Coast Resort, Anda, Bohol.

An ecologically-scripted game, entitled “Amazing Trash Race” which mechanics involved wastes identification and segregation was introduced by said volunteers to the participants. Miss Ellice Zapata, ICS volunteer who is currently assigned in Candijay said, the game concept is one way of creating awareness on Ecological Solid Waste Management (ESWM).

Engr. Alberto G. Bernales, the Municipal Planning Coordinator who at the same time the ESWM focal person, also highlighted in his message delivered during the same event, the need for the LGU staff and officials about ESWM and the Carood Watershed Management since the municipality is a member of its council.

Candijay covers a large area of said watershed and its local constituents should be aware that trashes from ridges can be carried downwards to the seas to the point of contaminating water sources if mismanaged. Hence, the need to educate them.

Under Mayor tutor’s administration, said LGU has initiated already some programs and projects relevant to it. Part of it is the acquisition of garbage truck that is consequently collecting wastes from every barangays#30.Judith S. Villamor-MPIO

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